Solving structuring and compliance problems

Kession has an experienced team with many practical years of working in the financial services industry.

We offer consultancy advice in the following areas:

  • FCA direct authorisations (known as Part 4A) including payment service providers
  • AIFM marketing and structuring advicemarketing
  • Ascertaining whether you need to be regulated at all (e.g peer to peer lending, binary options)
  • Help with the current grey area of OFT / Interim Permissions
  • General corporate governance and organisation
  • Luxembourg, Malta, Cayman, Mauritius fund set up
  • Fund directors
  • Financial Promotion reviews
  • Training and threshold competence reviews
  • Full HR due diligence (criminal, financial soundness, CV)
  • Compliance health checks and support
  • FinTech business review
  • Compliance Recruitment