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We can provide our clients with an interim appointed representative solution utilising our advisor and arrangement permissions. We may also offer an outsourced compliance function.


EU Regulated Stock Exchange

Kession is a founding London based member of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). The GSX allows for fast and cost effective listing of bonds, mini bonds, catastrophe bonds, insurance bonds, open and closed endedfunds, securitisation cell companies, specialist investment vehicles and other exchange traded instruments for capital raising and investor diversification. Please contact us and we can help you with a speedy prospectus preparation and subsequent listing via our Gibraltar based sister firm XK Solutions Limited. The GSX is an EEA RIE and welcomes innovative structures and fintech type firms. Alternative to AIFMD – The GSX uniquely offers Exchange Traded Instruments (ETIs) which via approved prospectuses allows full passporting and marketing across Europe of funds and avoiding the AIFMD entirely.

Compliance is easy with Complians


We are the only platform provider to use its own dedicated compliance #RegTech financial technology┬ Complians. Having one app that acts as your virtual compliance office takes away much of the red tape burden firms face. Our clients┬ use Complians to capture and record their compliance books and records which┬ allows us (or the FCA) to monitor and provide oversight in real time including annual evaluations as required under the Senior Managers Regime. As a market leading app┬ solution, Complians helps┬ ensure our clients┬ are compliant with the latest regulations and laws. Complians also provides guidance, training, exams and technological KYC, CCD and AML solutions. Through┬ adding economies of scale, we ensure all its umbrella clients get the most current regulatory and governance advice. Want to see which people and entities are on the world’s global sanction lists (UK, US, EU, Worldbank)?

Want to search all firms┬ who have registered to be FATCA compliant?

Consulting and Advisory Services

IMG_20140807_163839Kession implements solutions such as:

  • “Do I need to be FCA regulated?”┬ (e.g crowd funding, investor analytics, robo-advice, fund raising, financial marketing, peer to peer lending, binary options, investment comparison websites etc). The answer is usually “yes”
  • General structuring and sandbox implementation
  • Advice on post Brexit structuring
  • Listings on recognised stock exchanges e.g mini bonds
  • AIFM marketing and structuring advice
  • P2P locum services (living will / resolution plans)
  • Robo-advice, signal and algo trading regulations
  • Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) Insider List procedures
  • General corporate governance and organisation
  • Nominee structures
  • Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Malta, Cayman, Mauritius fund set up
  • CF1 / Directors / NXDs (we can provide these)
  • FATCA registration
  • Financial Promotion reviews
  • Outsourced compliance functions
  • One-off Compliance sanity checks
  • Online Multiple Choice Question Training
  • Threshold competence reviews
  • Non routine controlled function and appointed representative cases
  • Full HR due diligence (criminal, financial soundness, CV)
  • Compliance health checks and reviews
  • Compliance support
  • Asset Allocators new 2017 regulatory requirements
  • FinTech business review for FCA compliance
  • Crowdfunding campaigns for regulated firms
  • Compliance Recruitment
  • European Long-Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs)
  • Securitised note solutions (AIFM exempt) viaExchange Traded Instruments (ETIs)
  • Listing services onto the GSX
  • Senior Managers Regime (SFM) certification training
  • Senior Managers Regime (SFM) annual performance and certification evaluations

Experienced practitioners

We have hands on experience in operating and monitoring your type of business. We have raised capital, launched funds and operated complex businesses and managed many of the risks you face. We have lived and breathed compliance and best governance since 2001. We have been (or are) compliance officers of a number FCA and SEC businesses and set our professional standards at a high level. Ask us for references or testimonials.

Compliance oversight

We offer for free the complians.com app which allows you to fulfil your compliance obligations and allows us to oversee and monitor your activities remotely. We also visit your premises on a regular basis.

Our fees are simple

We charge fees based on the risk profile of your firm. We provide additional training courses. We will entertain revenue share, equity participation (via Kession Nominees Limited) and hurdle based fees subject to our own risk assessments. We can also provide non executive director services.

We work closely with our clients

All businesses benefit from guidance by independent consultants. We help fulfil your┬ expectations. If you join us we will help structure your business to be optimally compliant (and this doesn’t cost extra). We offer business model review services and can provide capital introductions. Our service is tailored to our clients and our guiding principle is to help our clients and share our relationships so together we benefit from the synergies.

Training, Education and Development (TED)

We also offer frequently updated training and threshold competence testing for free┬ via online multiple choice questions (MCQs). We have over 25 exams covering most aspects of financial regulation.

FCA Authorisation

Knowing which FCA permissions to obtain when seeking full authorisation isn’t an easy task. Get it wrong and it can hamper what your business can do. We can help complete, or review your FCA applications, including consumer credit license interim permission firms to full authorisation. We can also provide interim permissions until you are fully authorised.

Wording and Templates

We also provide to our clients wordings and templates┬ covering statutory disclosures, risk warnings, website terms and conditions, complaints policy, material interests policy, exempt persons provisions for marketing to high net worth and sophisticated clients, contract for services contracts (secondment and locums) and elective professional client opt-up statements. #Risk2Capital #NoFSCScover and other social media marketing campaign reviews are undertaken by our financial promotions team.

Compliance and Governance

FCA Umbrella Services Kession is run by professionals with over 30 years of financial experience (investment banking, asset management, private equity, investment marketing, hedge funds) across most asset classes. We will verify if you are running a collective investment scheme / collective investment undertaking or not, and let you know how the regulations affect the operations of your business.

We help businesses manage their potential in a demanding regulatory environment. We take a hands-on and enabling approach to help you meet your compliance requirements by using our experienced┬ resources and technology. We provide a complete plug-and-play service, taking over virtually all aspects of compliance administration, freeing you┬ to focus on what you┬ do best which is creating stakeholder value. We like to work with ambitious and professional people and are always open to exciting and different operating structures.

Helping you succeed

The world of finance is ever changing and so is regulation. We take a proactive and pragmatic approach to compliance and help ensure the regulations are appropriate for your business. The FCA wants all businesses to treat customers fairly and this includes making sure they are only sold opportunities and products appropriate to their status. Please contact us (see below) if you would like to

  • know more about our services (umbrella platform or consultancy)
  • seek references and testimonials from our clients
  • request our services as panel and conference speakers

We are always on the look out to hire entrepreneurial compliance people with strong client facing skills.

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